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  • I say this on these videos, be wow classic gold buy careful of choosing Warriors. The personal servers had a couple of things coded incorrect that benefitted warriors, such as mob armor evaluations and erroneous glancing blows calculations.

    In addition to that lists of the best damage were not over the fight. Damage in a struggle is overloaded with Execute spam into the 20 percent of a boss fight. When you look at top listings, you will receive scores based on execute spam in which warriors were able to stay on the boss,

    who is not a realistic figure on fights with a lot of motion on a heavily armored boss round the whole fight and when you have a lot of buy wow gold northdale DPS warriors competing for harm in that last 20%.

    Should you expect to just roll up a warrior and win the Internet, I believe that you could be seriously disappointed.No offense but this movie isn't helpful at all. I played with vanilla and I recall rogue being the supreme pvp class. Paladins being better than warriors generally,

    Druid and paladin tanks were favored by people. It wasn't until right and through bc warriors determined that they won bgs. Mages were class. Warlocks were shit until pre-bc/bc and even then they were just up to par.