Work better than Cheap Runescape gold method

  • I'm glad to hear you need alternatives to relying on RNGesus for loot. Here's a few I've seen work better than Cheap Runescape gold method, as well as one thought I've not seen implemented in a game, but would like to.Meaningful progression. Make it if I have sufficient components, I can craft anything. And I always get no matter what I am doing, parts.

    For example, there's a 1/1000 possibility I can get a sword. Each time I kill it, I get 1-3 scales. If I gather 100 scales, the sword can be crafted by me. Some managers in Runescape clearly do this; I want to see it in some kind for every boss, other than simply gold farming.

    Tying drops to accomplishments: It is simple. You receive something, if something is completed by you. This does not include doing some thing X times, but it trust runescape money buying might include doing everything. For example,"bring me the four different orbs and I'll grant you this team." The acquired items are non-tradable. Of game mechanics:

    Similar to achievements, this might require the participant demonstrate a deep comprehension of Runescape mechanisms to acquire something. This could take the form of a challenging boss, needing to do something efficiently as possible, an exploration puzzle or any other skill check ( I do not mean an in-game ability, I suggest a genuine mechanical ability ).