Colts rolled the dice in the Mut 20 coins

  • The Indianapolis Colts rolled the dice in the Mut 20 coins 1956 NFL Draft andselected Dick Donlin, a wide receiver from a small school in Minnesota, who they had never seen play before, but heard legends of his

    He was cut without ever playing a game for the team.So, what if teams had those same limited resources today? Maybe a zombie apocalypse forced teams to stick to guys that are close by ... I don't know. Whatever the reason, here's a projection of how the 2016 NFL Draft would look if teams only selected players who played less than 300 miles away.1. Los Angeles Rams - Myles Jack, LB, UCLA - 15 miles awayIt's hard to imagine the Rams would've traded up to No.

    1 if they knew the top quarterback prospect available to them was USC's Cody Kessler.

    Too late now. Fortunately, Jack isn't a terrible consolation and a dynamic addition to the middle of a defense that already has some of the best pass young rushing talent.2. Cleveland Browns - Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State - 140 miles awayLike the cheap Madden nfl 20 coins Rams, there isn't a top quarterback prospect within a reasonable distance for the Browns. Connor Cook, Christian Hackenberg and Cardale Jones are options, but without a top three prospect on the board, it makes much more sense for the Browns to just grab one of the top defensive prospects with the No. 2 pick.3.

    San Diego Chargers - Kenny Clark, DT, UCLA - 130 miles awayJack is gone and that means the first-round talent in Southern California is just about tapped. Some believe Clark could sneak into the back half of the first day and it certainly wouldn't hurt for the Chargers to add talent to its defensive line, which could desperately use upgrades across the board.