Washington traded for the Mut 20 coins

  • But at least when Washington traded for the Mut 20 coins No. 2 pick, it was getting a quarterback prospect everybody thought would succeed.Nobody in this year's class fits that description. The Rams purportedly want a quarterback, but pretty much everybody agrees that a quarterback is not the best player in this year's draft, or even in the top three.

    And even if you are picking a quarterback, nobody really stands out among the rest: Draft experts seem pretty evenly split on whether the best quarterback this year is Wentz or Jared Goff.There was debate about Griffin or Andrew Luck in 2012, and there was debate about Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota last year, but this is of a different nature. Those were highly touted prospects battling to be considered the best.

    This is a crop of good prospects, and nobody is sure which one has the best potential to be great.Last week, Bill Barnwell of ESPN broke down how in the lottery-like draft, "the smartest strategy is simply to have more tickets."The RG3 trade was perhaps the buy Madden 20 coins best example of that ever, and the winners of that trade appear to be willfully ignoring that lesson. Maybe it will work out, but the Rams should know better. 2016 NFL Draft outside linebacker rankings: Something for everybody -

    Outside linebacker rankings are the most challenging to put together. You have a range of playing styles from a classic linebacker like Myles Jack of UCLA, to a 3-4 linebacker like Leonard Floyd to a hybrid safety/linebacker player like Su'a Cravens of USC.