I invested hundreds of hours to Cheap OSRS gold

  • Wow. . I was a kid anyway...)I was about 10/11, so I didn't do much, and that I just played a couple of times at some library, because we did not have internet, but it came back to head in 2005, and that is when I started really playing (at that point, the variation I first played was a heritage server lol).

    That I invested hundreds of hours to Cheap OSRS gold it, its the whole reason, and it was the first MMO I played I saved money to get a computer.

    I stopped playing around January 2007, I did not think too much about it for a long time, playing with mmos off and on, and think. Ever since then, from time to time I will recall my period in runescape fondly, doing virtually all quests. . .the good times spent doing a quest the day it published, before there was a guide for it, hours upon hours grinding, mining, fishing, questing, playing mini games...I'd feel like I wish to get back to that for a bit,

    but having to return from trust runescape money buying nothing (creating an old school personality ) always turned me off. . .it would feel like I have to undergo hundred of hours of grind from where I had been, before I could select back.

    Now that I have seen this video, however, I'm curious. It is not what I assumed, there's still new content added to it? Great! 50k+ playes online? Well, that's not the 100k+ that I got used to, but it is more than sufficient. . .servers are just 2k ppl each anyway (or did this change also?) .