Choose an eCommerce SEO Expert That Works With You

  • A common theme with eCommerce SEO is agencies and companies that provided a poor experience for clients. You will hear stories or read reviews about how there were empty promises from a company and no results ever came of the campaign or how the company didn’t focus enough on the client’s needs within the content or communicate well. It happens more often than you think that eCommerce merchants are scared off because of poor SEO experience. Yet, they do also know how important SEO can be to the success of an online store.


    So when you choose a digital agency for an SEO campaign, you don’t just want to hire anybody. You want to have an eCommerce SEO Expert that has a plan laid out to help you achieve success in your online marketing and increase your search rankings. 1Digital Agency can be that partner for you.


    When you choose an SEO partner, you want a team that is fully invested in you and your business. It means that they have your best interests in mind when constructing a strategy. Nothing is cookie-cutter. You want to be considered a unique part of an agency’s clientele and not just another business on their list.


    This is why every SEO campaign with 1Digital Agency starts with an extensive SEO audit that analyzes your website’s performance. It allows 1Digital to see where there are opportunities for improving rankings and perhaps gaining more website visitors.


    Once this audit has been completed, 1Digital sets up a call with clients to get a better understanding of your business. This is done to establish the way the client wants the content produced to be. It helps to provide an understanding of the tone and branding that should be used to make every piece of content specific to the client and a growing brand. Through this discussion, 1Digital also is able to use the information provided to construct a list of target keywords.


    SEO is a process, so results don’t happen overnight, but with the extensive research done by 1Digital Agency, every keyword chosen has the opportunity to achieve some early success and increased rankings in a shorter period of time given the competition. This gives you as a client something more tangible in the earliest reports of your results. There is a sign that progress is being made and that the longer the campaign runs as planned, the better the results will be over time.


    When it comes time to improve your SEO, don’t just choose anyone to help. Choose an eCommerce SEO expert that can help you get the results you want by putting you on the path to success with a proven strategy.


    When you choose 1Digital Agency as your eCommerce SEO expert, you get an entire team of eCommerce digital marketing professionals that handle everything from keyword research to content creation to the technical behind-the-scenes work that is needed to improve your website’s SEO. Get the process started and contact 1Digital Agency by calling 215-809-1567 or sending an email to to learn more.