Three Reasons To Hire A BigCommerce Development Company

  • If you’ve made the decision to build or migrate your eCommerce website around the BigCommerce platform, you’re going to get access to some of the best tools in the industry for selling online. On top of tools for customization of your website, app integration, tools for SEO and the ability to accept multiple payment methods across many channels, you’re going to be using one of the most scalable platforms available to eCommerce merchants, if not the most scalable.


    There is one small catch, however. As a result of the fact that BigCommerce offers such comprehensive management tools and features, becoming proficient in the use of the platform requires a high level of experience and expertise. If you want to get the most out of BigCommerce that it has to offer to eCommerce merchants, then you may want to hire a BigCommerce Development Company like 1Digital Agency with tons of experience creating BigCommerce stores. The benefits you will reap are manifold, but here are four of them.


    1. They’ll Give Your Site A More Professional Look

    Learning the ins and outs of a platform as complex and robust as BigCommerce requires time, attention and in many cases extensive training. You can almost think of it as a measure of technical expertise. Since it takes so much time and familiarity with the platform to become proficient in designing sites around it, you can’t expect professional results if you’ve never even worked with the platform before. A BigCommerce development company with experience designing BigCommerce websites can use that experience to help you create a more professional design to your website overall.


    2. They’ll Incorporate Brand Features Into Your Design

    This is an offshoot of the above benefit, but it comes as part and parcel of the package. Something that inexperienced designers struggle with is how to incorporate the subtle accents and features of a brand into the layout and design of a website.


    A brand is much more than a logo. It is the sum of the experiences of its part. Brands have tones, colors, line weights and curvature that can all be used effectively across media to breathe the life of your brand into your website. Part of the professional design of your website is a website that incorporates recognizable elements of your brand.


    3. They’ll Help Minimize Downtime

    Something else that comes with hiring an experienced BigCommerce development company is their ability to help prevent or minimize downtime during a migration that you might otherwise experience. Migrations entail vast amounts of data being transferred across platforms and there can sometimes be serious roadblocks in the way. Data can be lost, misplaced or become inaccessible. This is enough of a headache for a business owner but can be even more frustrating to your customers that are trying to log into their accounts on your website or make purchases through your online store. Help avoid migration-related issues in the first place - work with an experienced BigCommerce development company.


    So when you’re ready to take the plunge and get everything that BigCommerce was created to offer you, contact 1DigitalAgency at and put their team of developers to work for you.