How Bigcommerce SEO Translates to Sales

  • You may already be well aware of the power of SEO but might not necessarily understand how it translates to eCommerce. Isn’t SEO something only bloggers and service industries have to worry about?


    Despite the array of powerful tools and features that you gain access to through an eCommerce platform such as BigCommerce, SEO is still a huge factor that has to be taken into consideration if you want your business to succeed. In fact, BigCommerce SEO might be the difference between your store taking off, or your store never seeing page one of Google.


    What is it about SEO that makes it so important for the life and longevity of your online business? How does it play such an important role in eCommerce? Let’s go over these points so you understand what you need to put your store on the map, and more importantly on the first page of Google.


    The Power of BigCommerce SEO
    Right now, SEO is the fuel of the eCommerce landscape. With proper SEO conventions in place, your website will consistently land on the first page of Google for your specific products, which means your business will receive a steady stream of targeted traffic that’s organic, meaning you don’t pay for it.


    This is key, because as competition increases, businesses are seeing fewer results with their ad spend, which means more money is being spent just to keep the same level of performance. While PPC and other ad tactics can be effective, they are more of a short-term traffic solution than a long one. By building a powerful SEO foundation, you’re future-proofing your store and bridging the gap between your website and your customers.


    BigCommerce SEO is critical because while your products may naturally accrue some attention by the Google algorithm simply by virtue of being hosted on a fast and SEO friendly platform like BigCommerce, you’re still going to need a certain amount of search engine optimization techniques in order to rank well consistently.


    Ranking well on Google is of course the key to sales in eCommerce. You will always see some business through social media, email campaigns, word of mouth, and paid advertising, but organic traffic is the heart of any established online brand or business. Without laying that SEO foundation, you’re going to be dumping a ton of time and money to keep those other channels of traffic open and consistent. Nothing else really compares to the ROI of search engine optimization, because it focuses on so much more than just a traffic solution. It’s about brand connection and business longevity.


    Your BigCommerce SEO Solution
    To take advantage of SEO for your eCommerce business, you need a professional agency who are experts in the field and who have been working with BigCommerce for years to help businesses dominate their niche.


    1DigitalⓇ have assembled a team of seasoned professionals that can help you navigate the eCommerce landscape and get you the results you’re looking for in SEO, as well as other areas of running an online business. If you are interested in reaching that next level, you can contact them at 888-982-8269 and they will be happy to answer your questions or get your SEO project off the ground.