Find The Right Zero Tolerance Pocket Knife at White Mountain Kn

  • Those of us who rely on our everyday carry pocket knives for everything from prying open packages to punching new makeshift holes in our belts understand just how heavily we can lean on our tools. That’s not even to mention that a knife is, without compare, the most versatile and indispensable tool that the collective mind of man has yet spawned in all this time. Then again, it’s hard to improve upon perfection, or so they say, and a quality EDC pocket knife does so many things so well it may well deserve this title.


    There are many legendary names in the field, and those in law enforcement or military have likely heard of Zero Tolerance, though outdoorsmen and others who work with their hands have likely come across it for its reputation. Originally intended for use as combat knives, Zero Tolerance quickly gained a name for itself through its rock solid, indestructible, comfortably carried and quickly drawn or deployed blades. Some of the best EDC pocket knives are named Zero Tolerance, and for that reason, anyone who needs a new companion knife should seriously consider a Zero Tolerance pocket knife.



    There are many winners among their titles, but some of the best are no trouble at all to find, especially if you want a light, rugged knife that carries easily on the belt or in a pocket and can be flipped open or closed at a breath. Options like the Zero Tolerance Sinkevich KVT flipper with a carbon fiber handle. Anyone who has handled carbon fiber knows that the material possesses nearly unbelievable strength for its equally disbelievable light weight and has a peculiar tackiness that dispels slipping, typically even in adverse conditions such as rain. Its 3 and a quarter inch blade is the perfect middle ground between heavy and light duty and the slightly swept belly of the blade excels at slicing and cutting tasks where other blades might hang up.


    Another quality Zero Tolerance pocket knife is the Zero Tolerance Hinderer Slicer framelock with a titanium handle. With a slightly longer and stouter blade, this knife could do well with tasks demanding prying and batoning or perhaps maul assisted carving. Regardless, it possesses the proper matching of length, sturdiness, and edge geometry to tackle a wide array of chores. Those attributes pair well with its light, nearly indestructible titanium handle and indomitable framelock to bring a knife to that table that will not flag.


    Naturally and unequivocally, then, a Zero Tolerance pocket knife is a good fit for EDC. You’ll need a place to locate one, and that place is White Mountain Knives. With its unrivaled selection, market expertise, and free shipping on orders in the United States, it seems like a no brainer to buy from White Mountain Knives. Spoiler - it is. Even if you find something you don’t see listed, White Mountain Knives maintains a massive profile of vendor relationships so they can bring options to the table that are otherwise difficult to find. Everyone can use a new or a backup EDC pocket knife, so why wait? Head to and stock up, today!