White Mountain Knives Sells Zero Tolerance Blades Online

  • An old-line manufacturer making knives for over 100 years has a new line of products that is winning all kinds of awards. The knives are manufactured under the name Zero Tolerance Blades or ZT Blades and they are sweeping the market with their innovative designs and solid-built construction. Amazing looks combined with tough, long-lasting construction makes these knives superior to many that have been on the market for decades. These knives are built for professionals in the military, law enforcement, first responders, and anyone else who desires a knife that will perform perfectly use after use and year after year.


    For the Sophisticated Knife Owner
    Zero Tolerance Blades are designed, engineered, and constructed from the finest materials by craftsmen who understand the meaning of “zero tolerance.” In an engineering environment, “Zero Tolerance” means no room for errors. It is the epitome of engineering, and when it comes to knives, it is the epitome of what ZT Blades manufactures. As a high-quality, high-value knife, collectors know how much it means to have products from this brand in their collections. The beauty of the designs and the craftsmanship of the products are second to none.



    Quality Above All Else
    When a relative newcomer to the knife manufacturing industry starts winning awards right off the bat, everyone takes notice, and they should. For ZT Blades,being the new guy on the block has received a lot of attention by winning the following awards:


    • 2006 Most Innovative American Design of the Year - BLADE Magazine
    • 2007 Tactical Response Magazine Award
    • 2008 Tactical Response Magazine Award
    • 2011 Overall Knife of the Year - BLADE Show
    • 2012 Knife of the Year - BLADE Show
    • 2012 Collaboration of the Year - BLADE Show
    • 2013 Overall Knife of the Year - BLADE Show


    A Wide Variety of Knife Styles
    When customers go to WhiteMountainKnives.com and take a look at all the products manufactured by Zero Tolerance Blades, they are surprised to find such a wide range of choices. As knife blade experts, ZT Blades has assembled an impressive group of knives with equally impressive construction methods and materials. There are too many variables to quote but some of the highlights are:


    • Titanium Handles
    • S110V Stainless Steel Blades
    • 14C28N Stainless Steel Blades
    • Maxamet Steel Blades
    • KVT Ball Bearings
    • Carbon Fiber Handle Inlays


    Made in the USA Means A Lot
    All ZT Blades are manufactured in the United States. The knives are built in Tualatin, Oregon and marketed all over the world by specialty knife sellers who meet their rigid requirements to sell their products. Because the knives are designed, engineered, and constructed in the USA, the company knows there can be no mistakes or issues with using the knives. Each knife carries a Lifetime Warranty and the company is happy to help knife owners with repairs and refurbishing of their knives.


    White Mountain Knives is the Number One Resource for Knives Online
    Purchasing a ZT Blades knife from White Mountain Knives is as easy as 1-2-3 when customers go to their website. The variety and choices of options are amazing. If there are any questions or if customers just need more information, they can contact White Mountain Knives through their website or they can send an email to whitemountainknives@gmail.com.


    A Winning Combination
    White Mountain Knives is proud to offer knives from ZT Bladesbut they also have other items in stock for the knife aficionado including knife sheaths, camping accessories, clothing, and other products of interest to collectors. The company offers free shipping on all orders so, putting it all together, White Mountain Knives is your best resource for high-quality knives.