Get You Swiss Army Knife Tools from White Mountain Knives

  • Swiss Army Knives have been staples of the toolbox and the back pocket for generations. This should come as no surprise, as many Swiss Army knife tools carry more than 30 tools in a small package, and in the hands of a skilled user, each of these multi tools serves much more than one function. Given the quality of construction of a good Swiss Army knife, the high viability and utility of their components, the easy portage and the wide range of uses, Swiss Army Knives have become nearly ubiquitous amongst those who seek quality multitools for construction, crafting or as a general desk tool.

    There are models as basic as the Victorinox Swiss Army Lite, which carries a pen blade, a file, a mini screwdriver, scissors, and tweezers. If these inclusions were not enough to tackle most mundane daily tasks, this unit also features a mini LED light and can easily be carried on a key ring or in a pocket. This small model is one of the most easily recognized and universal of all Swiss Army knife tools and one of the simplest, though that simplicity does not minimize its usefulness.

    On the other end of the spectrum, there are models like the Victorinox Swiss Champ, which carries an unbelievable number of tools for many tasks. The Swiss Champ sports an innumerable number of tools from small blades to small screwdriver to files to hook disgorgers. It carries a pen, tweezers, pliers with wire cutters and several sawblades. Whether you are trimming greenery, stripping wires, fishing, or any of many tasks beyond count, this Swiss Army knife tool is of great use.

    Alongside these classic styles, there are other models of no less utility such as the Victorinox Swisstool. Much in the style of a leatherman multitool, this model emphasizes the pliers and wire cutters and seamlessly incorporates saws, nail files, and screwdrivers. It even boasts a bit wrench with several bits and wire strippers, benders and cutters. There are models in the middle ground such as the Swiss Army Red Climber, just shy of 4 inches closed and carrying two blades, bottle and can openers, scissors, a hook, a corkscrew, and an awl. Taking a slight departure from the classic lozenge design are models such as the Hunter, Ranger, and Wine Master.

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