Find Zero Tolerance Blades and More at White Mountain Knives

  • If you are a person who has ever held or used a knife, whether you are in law enforcement, military, or are an outdoorsman, there are a few names that come to mind when you think of no-nonsense, hard use, and reliability. For knives that stand up to abuse, day in and day out, without flagging, while maintaining ergonomy, a sharp edge, and a strong spine calling for application, one can hardly help but think of Zero Tolerance blades.

    Originally designed to see combat, Zero Tolerance has been making blades for law enforcement, first responders, and other tacticians for over a decade. Though relatively new to a scene that has seen names that have lasted for generations, Zero Tolerance has built itself up to quite a reputation in that time. Now, it’s impossible to hear of tactical equipment without the name present. Moreover, if you need a knife whose grit will be tested regularly and can handle a wide variety of applications without fail, Zero Tolerance blades are set and sure to please.

    For general use from cutting through old lines to splitting and splicing the ends of skewers and everything in between, a knife like the Zero Tolerance Assisted Opening Knife with a Green Handle and Plain Edge is a hit. Ported easily and even more easily deployed due to its assist mechanism, this knife is lightning quick and rock solid. Just over 3 inches of blade meet the perfect middle ground between heavy camp chores and fine work, and a blade profile that could rightly be called a cross between a drop point and a sheepsfoot blade gives unbelievable strength to the tip for chores like carving and detailing. When the job is done, its sturdy liner lock mechanism allows for an easy one-handed return to the pocket or sheath.

    A similar but distinct knife is the Zero Tolerance 0920 with a titanium handle. Unparalleled for weight and strength, this knife is nearly indestructible for a folder and offers strength found nowhere else while remaining light in the pocket and the hand. Its smooth ball bearing system allows the knife to be flipped open in a flash for speed and readiness. At just under 4 inches, this blade is also straddled between light and heavy use and performs with ease, while its framelock enables it to be easily retracted.

    Zero Tolerance blades also include models such as the 0220, 0450 and 0452, with similarly practical features such as one-handed opening and closing capabilities and deep pocket carry. Some models feature handles or scales of titanium or carbon fiber for differing degrees of weight, strength, and flexibility. You’ll also need to find a venue - and that’s easy because at White Mountain Knives you’ll find all these models and more, ripe for the picking, at excellent prices and free of shipping in North America. That makes it as easy to see why White Mountain Knives is an excellent choice for Zero Tolerance. So when you’ve settled on a model, or a few, head to for a blade of your own.