Look No Further Than White Mountain Knives If You Need A Surviv

  • Survivalism, bushcraft, campcraft - they all mean different things and offer different ideals to the individual in pursuit of them, but one thing is certain. The gear you will use to pursue them, though it might turn out to be minimal in nature, will definitely be put to the grindstone. So when you’re looking for a survival pocket knife to round out your arsenal, you’ll need to equip yourself with the highest quality, and that means the toughest, most dependable equipment you can find.

    There is a dizzying number of features and traits that any given survival pocket knife might possess, ranging from locking mechanisms, style of grind, type of steel and composition of the scales or handle. You’ll also need to sort through your preference in edge style, whether you want a straight edge or include some kind of serration, and you’ll have to decide on whether you’ll need jimping, choils, or other features like slots or holes for lanyards.

    You’ll also have to consider the features of design such as weight and blade profile and length. Will you be needing a blade that is small enough to be considered a survival pocket knife but still has enough belly and spine to split wood? Or would you rather have a smaller pocket knife as a compliment and amendment to a different blade? Will you be performing more delicate operations like filleting and skinning, or will you use your blade chiefly for heavier jobs like digging and carving? When evaluating these needs and other expectations you will have for a survival pocket knife, you will need to find the proper balance of weight, blade thickness, and profile to accomplish the widest number of tasks. (Or, as many knife users and collectors find, you’ll simply need to own and carry many different models!)

    So in short, and without any further elaboration, there are some very large sets of factors to consider before you purchase your first or additional pocket knives for your collection. Here’s the good news. Regardless of what you determine to be the absolutely ideal style or design in a survival blade for you, you’re going to find it at White Mountain Knives. Specialists in knives in general and offering a wide range of blades for culinary, sporting, survival and other uses, White Mountain Knives has the blades you need to cut through the obstacles that face you.

    A sampling of their portfolio of brands simply cannot be concisely offered, but know that when you shop White Mountain Knives, you will find the best models available from Spyderco, ESEE, Boker, Benchmade, Cold Steel, Buck, Kershaw, Gerber and many, many more. You will find an expansive offering in each of those brands, which means that you can piece together your ideal survival knife and then find those features available in models from the best knife manufacturers in the world. And once you settle on the ideal blade or blades, you can get them all right at White Mountain Knives without even paying for shipping. There’s no need to delay the process any longer, so visit WhiteMountainKnives.com today.