Tackle that Task with a Leatherman Pocket Knife

  • What tool has successfully crammed a mind-boggling amount of functional parts into one immensely useful package? A leatherman pocket knife. A Leatherman Pocket Knife needs probably no introduction but has packed so many parts with duplicate, even triplicate functions into one amazingly ergonomic and wildly practical package that it has earned a place in many hearts.



    Even a cursory investigation into the number of jobs a leatherman can slay without even breaking a sweat will leave the sleuth reeling. Even by conservative metrics, a simple model like the Leatherman Sidekick packs 14 tools into a sleek stainless steel body, among them a knife, a saw, and pliers. Considering the multiplicity of uses of even the most basic of these tools such as a saw, the calculation for determining how many chores this thing can tackle quickly becomes a combination function. Through a portfolio of models like Leatherman’s Rebar, OHT or Surge and you will experience even more ability.


    Advance to a more comprehensive model like the Leatherman Signal for the ultimate amalgamation of universal capability. With an amazing 19 tools packed into the folding frame of a pair of wire cutting and stripping pliers, this tool was built to outlast. A random sampling of the tools included reveals a knife, a saw, a hammer, can and bottle openers, a spread of driver bits, a sharpener and a ferrocerium rod, and goes far beyond the conventional scope of what would even be considered similar multitools. With this tool you can not only cut and measure and saw but build a fire and keep your other tools sharp - it’s the ultimate everyday carry companion.


    If you desire a Leatherman pocket knife in a lighter design to keep on your belt for help with those odd jobs that we all experience on a daily basis, a model like their Juice C2 packs about as much utility in one of the lightest frames and slimmest profiles for multi-tools around. Along with standard features like pliers and wire cutters, this model offers a corkscrew, can and bottle openers to handle those domestic callings.


    While technically not a Leatherman pocket knife, a model like their Raptor Emergency Response Medical Shears is an emblem of the visionary work and design of the Leatherman brand. With tools critical for emergency responders such as a ruler, a glass breaker and a strap cutter, these shears pack about as much as can be fitted into a pair of shears intended for emergency response, leaving nothing to chance.


    When you’re shopping for a new addition to your belt or front pocket to travel through life’s everyday obstacles with you, you can’t do better than a Leatherman - and the place to find that Leatherman is White Mountain Knives. As much for its selection as its prices, White Mountain Knives is the place to shop, where you will find everything you’re looking for and more. There’s even more to love with White Mountain Knives’ free shipping for U.S. orders, so visit WhiteMountainKnives.com today.