A Benchmade Pocket Knife Is A Good Bet for Your Money

  • Put your money in a good pocketknife and you’ll have that thing for life. Actually, not only will you have it for life but you’ll probably have it on you every day of your life. There’s nothing that can show you how useful a knife is better than picking out a knife for EDC. Then the most frustrating thing in life will be the entire day that you forgot to throw it in your pocket. You’ll be reaching for a knife that isn’t there. Either way, a good pocket knife is a lifetime investment that will give you lots of use, and one of the best choices you can make is to pick out a Benchmade Pocket Knife that appeals to you.


    Benchmade knives are pretty well received in circles of knife users for a few reasons. Benchmade Knife Company has made waves for its excellent fit and finish and fairly innovative designs. They also scored points for their axis lock that stays out of the way and is easy to engage and disengage. It’s also very strong and very tight. If that wasn’t enough, Benchmade has made a practice out of making knives out of various steels that offer differing levels of hardness, edge retention, strength, and corrosion resistance.


    If you’re looking for pocket knives that you can carry every day and put through pretty hard use, Benchmade models offer you a lot to choose from and they’ll come out shining in the end. Well, they might be pretty gritty, but they sure won’t quit. Take a look at some of these options for EDC.


    The Benchmade Presidio II offers a pretty tough and versatile little package for everyday carry. Its CPM-S30V steel is not only very hard but very strong - it will take a lot of cutting to dull this edge. Also, the blades sturdy profile and drop point are well balanced to give a lot of structural integrity to the whole apparatus. As mentioned previously, the axis lock is strong and easy to use, a feature from which many pocket knives could greatly benefit. It’s a pretty simple offering in a Benchmade pocket knife. It won’t be winning any pageants, but it is one seriously tough knife that you can keep in your pocket with confidence.


    The Benchmade 556 Mini Griptillian Folder is another favorite Benchmade pocket knife among knife users. It also features the axis lock for strength and convenience as well as CPM-S30V steel, though the blade’s profile is a little narrower by the point. That will give this model advantage in penetration and any fine application requiring the use of the point. Its glass-filled nylon handle is not just ridiculously tough - nigh-indestructible - it also gives a lot of traction.


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