A Breakdown of a Modest Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

  • A Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, even a modest model like the Classic SD, is one of the most useful little tools you can own. Some of their more capable models like the Spirit Multi Tools are simply beasts of machines. There’s not a lot you can’t tackle with one. Nonetheless, even with a smaller model like the Classic SD, you get a lot of utility packed into a little frame. Check out some of the tools that come with one of these.


    A knife blade - Obviously the central tool, and the most important one that you will find on the Classic SD is the small blade that comes with it. This is like the original Swiss Army Knife and you can’t beat a blade. Named for the fact that medieval scholars used to sharpen quills with them, today a spear pointed pen blade is good for everything from opening envelopes to diving up fruit to whittling a stick.


    A nail file - Naturally a nail file will excel at clearing up your loose hangnails, but if you’re working on a piece of wood and need to smooth out a knot, guess what, it’s not going to be picky. By the same token, if you need to file out a little burr off a piece of metal, give it a go.


    A pair of scissors - If you need to open a package or cut through some line, the scissors on a Classic SD won’t let you down. They’re not bolt cutters, but let’s get serious; this knife is only like an inch or two long.


    Tweezers - When you’re in the woods and you get a splinter, sometimes what you need is a pair of tweezers. Some of us have the skills to remove a splinter with a knife, but not everyone does, and for that, you might be happy that you had a pair of tweezers that came along with your Swiss Army Knife.


    A toothpick - Need to keep your teeth clean when you’re camping? A toothpick from your Swiss Army Knife might be all you have, and it will work in a pinch. Of course, a toothpick is worth a lot more than that, and in fact a toothpick is one of the smallest and most useful levers out there. There are a million and one things you can do with a toothpick. Shoot a flintlock and need a vent pick? This will work in a pinch. That’s an extreme example, but you get the picture.


    This is one of the most basic pocket knives that you can get from Victorinox, and yet it is still made of remarkably high quality materials. Other Swiss Army Knives will come with more tools, like phillips screwdrivers, magnifying glasses and much more.


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