Get the Best Baby Dresser and Changing Table from Kids N Cribs

  • Buying furniture for your baby’s nursery goes far beyond the crib. There are several other items that can bring the room together and give you a place for everything.


    Two items that can hold a lot of importance are a baby dresser and changing table. Both of these items serve a key purpose in the nursery and can help you stay organized when it comes to your baby’s needs.


    Here are a few tips on buying a baby dresser and changing table.


    For your changing table, there are several things you want to consider. First, you should have a place within the nursery where you plan to put the changing table. You may get a changing table that is attached to the crib or you may choose to put it close to the crib. What you don’t want to do is place a changing table with space between the wall. Leave no space and keep it away from door and window openings and heaters.



    Any furniture you buy, whether it is a baby dresser or changing table, you want it to be sturdy and stable. You may choose to buy a changing pad that sits on a dresser, so having a sturdy dresser is important. If you do have a standalone changing table, making sure it is build well and doesn’t wobble is important as well.


    The furniture you buy also needs to be a certain size to fit the room and still have the space to move around the room and access the things you need.


    Obviously, you know that a dresser is a storage space for everything from baby clothes to toys and even books. But the changing table you buy is also a storage space for everything you need for changing. Since you will need the changing table frequently, you want to have supplies at the ready and you can with the right changing table. Many tables have shelves or drawers that can hold the items you need for your baby.


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    This is an exciting time in your life, waiting for your baby to come into the world. Let Kids N Cribs help share in the excitement by being a resource for all of your furniture needs.