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    Being a self-employed contractor can be at times a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is very freeing to know that you get to call the shots and do not have to answer to anyone. Whether you are an experienced contractor who has built a strong reputation or a beginner with an entrepreneurial spirit that is looking to break into the field, you understand how great it feels to set your own schedule and wages. It is such a great feeling, in fact, that, according to NPR, the Labor Department states that 1 in 10 United States workers classifies themselves as independent contractors. That comes out to over 10 million workers who share the same drive and passion as you.



    However, being an independent contractor is not without its risks and headaches. For starters, you are responsible for hunting down potential job opportunities and building relationships with prospective clients to keep the work coming in. Without this, you could soon find yourself without enough work to pay the bills. Client non-payment is an issue that has plagued many independent workers. Insurance is another issue that freelancers and independent contractors must deal with because companies do not cover independent contractors. Perhaps the biggest issue that many independent contractors have to deal with is protecting them and their business in the event of a lawsuit.


    Lawsuits against independent contractors are quickly becoming more and more common in this country. It is no surprise, given how good lawyers have gotten at sniffing out potential insurance policy exclusions. While the general liability insurance policy that most independent contractors have covers them for some things, there are enough exclusions for legal experts to find and exploit, especially when it involves any frivolous claims. While these claims may have little or no merit, they can still cost you considerable time and money to fight, two things you might not have enough of to sacrifice in order to clear your name. The objective of being self-employed is to make as much money as possible without having to spend money on unnecessary things.


    Since most companies are not held vicariously liable for the actions of contractors, they cannot be counted on to have your back during these trying times. Neither can most insurance companies since some can lack the necessary policies that independent contractors like you badly need. Fortunately, XINSURANCE makes it easier than ever to find the perfect plan for you and your personal business. They offer independent contractors like you the opportunity to get a Contractor Liability Insurance Quote quick and easy on their website at


    What makes XINSURANCE so attractive to self-employed workers is the customizable coverage they offer. This makes sure that you can get the precise protection you want and need. They also provide an all-in-one approach that you will not find anywhere else. This approach allows you to get broader coverage with limits up to $10 million or more in certain cases. Best of all, XINSURANCE cares about your success and well-being and will be there for you when you need it.


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