Yes, There are Still Places to Buy iPhone 4S Parts!

  • Come with me on a trip back to the fall of 2011. The Occupy Wall Street movement was taking its first steps, the St. Louis Cardinals had just won the World Series, and Apple announced the debut of the iPhone 4S. It is crazy to think that all this was 7 years ago, but what is even crazier is that – despite being discontinued in 2014 – there are still places where you can buy iPhone 4S parts!



    I admit this is a random fact, and I only found this out myself because my dad – who takes immense pride in the fact that he has been using the same phone for over 7 years – was recently faced with the harsh reality of *shudders* having to upgrade his phone. The home button on his iPhone 4S suddenly stopped working a while back and, as you can imagine, this made it quite difficult to get any work done on his phone. Ever the handyman, he was determined to fix the problem himself instead of spending too much on a new phone, and so he enlisted me to help him find the pieces he needed online (he’s not what you would call “internet-savvy”).


    Now, I will be completely honest with you: I thought this task was a major waste of time that would likely end with us taking a trip to the Apple store to look for a new phone. Like most people, I did not see the point in trying to fix something so old when there are plenty of newer models to pick from. That is also because I just assumed that, since they stopped production years ago, it would be next to impossible to buy iPhone 4S parts anymore. Turns out, I was totally wrong.


    I did a quick Google search and soon found myself at, a site that specializes in selling repair parts, tools and accessories for popular mobile devices of all ages. You should have seen the look on my dad’s face when I showed him the site and how he wasn’t crazy for trying to fix his old phone. Thanks to iDemiGods, my dad was able to buy the exact piece he needed for just $7, a whole lot less than any phone would have cost him. They even sold the necessary tools to make it easier for him to repair his precious phone. I was amazed at how many options and parts they had for popular smartphones dating back to the first generation iPhone, as well as parts for iPads and Samsung devices.


    My dad has not stopped bragging about how easy it was to get the right parts and make his old phone run as if it came straight out of the box. Plus, now I know exactly where to go to buy iPhone 4S parts for him in the future when he eventually needs to replace his display screen, rear panel back cover, or any other part that needs to be fixed after so many years. If you take anything away from this post, let it be the fact that our technology can last us so much longer than we realize if we put in the effort, and that the Internet will never cease to amaze us. In addition, if you or someone you know needs replacement parts for their iPhone, head on over to; they have it all.