Buy iPhone Battery Replacements and Other New Parts at iDemiGod

  • iPhones are some of the most impressive pieces of technology we encounter every day. They are tiny supercomputers, capable of bringing the entire world to your fingertips at the swipe of your thumb. Assuming you can hold a charge, that is. With the good always comes the bad, and in the case of iPhones, the bad comes after just a few years of use.

    Batteries wear out, the phone slows down. You drop it and crack the screen or damage the camera. Spill a soda and fry the home button. The thing about having such an intricate device in the palm of your hand is that it leaves a lot of room for error. But at least it’s just as easy to break your phone as it is to buy iPhone battery and other replacements to fix it up.

    Whether your iPhone has stopped turning on, is no longer able to hold a charge, or has a full spiderweb of cracks spreading out across the front screen, iDemiGods has your back. This parts distributor has dedicated themselves to supplying common people just like you with brand new, highly affordable replacement parts to make their old phones run as good as new. You’ll find iPhone parts from nearly every generation on their site, plus parts for other Apple products like iPads and iPods. They even carry some Samsung replacements for non-iPhone users. Above all else, the thing that makes iDemiGods befitting of their name is their massive collection of iPhone parts.

    Got an iPhone 6S with a busted headphone jack? Know a friend with an iPhone 5C buried in a drawer because it stopped powering up? Just dropped your iPhone 7 Plus and reading this article around a half-destroyed screen? No problem. No matter whether you need to buy iPhone battery replacements or internal hardware, you’ll find whatever you need at iDemiGods.

    They have multiple options for outer hardware so you can choose an iPhone 7 Full Digitizer LCD Screen Assembly White for your white iPhone 7 and not have a mottled or mismatched looking phone. Plus, you’ll save hundreds of dollars when you do the replacement yourself. Compare iDemiGods’ iPhone 7 Replacement OEM Battery price to Apple’s out of warranty battery replacement fee and you be rushing back to iDemiGods’ site in a heartbeat.

    If affordability and a wide selection are next to godliness, then user-friendliness is right on the other side. iDemiGods knows that if you’re going to buy iPhone battery replacements, you’re going to need the tools to do the job, too. So they include them, free of charge, with every battery. If a full eight-piece tool set still isn’t enough for you, they also sell individual tools, including the iSclack Opening Tool for iPhone 5/5S/5C/6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus/7/7Plus and iPads that’s so popular with home repair gurus and how to articles across the web.

    If you’re nervous about securing your new battery replacement when you dismantle your phone for the first time, we recommend picking up one of their iPhone 6/6S/7 Battery Adhesive Strips to really make it stick. For less than five bucks, you really can’t go wrong there.