How to Improve the Production of Sand Making Machine?

  • Sand making machine is an indispensable mine equipment in sand making production line. It is also a commonly used crushing equipment. Sand making machine is widely used in the crushing of pebbles, River pebbles, iron ore, limestone and so on. It is especially suitable for high-grade highways and buildings. So how to improve the output of sand making machine and increase its benefits? Here are some common methods for you:

    1. Before choosing and purchasing sand machine, we must do more investigation and comparison. It is important to choose a good manufacturer. Not only the quality but also the after-sales service are very intimate. Never consider the price only and buy some equipment from small manufacturer, so it is not cost-effective to synthesize.

    2. The quality of hammer head of sanding machine is related to the whole production. The hammer head is also a vulnerable part. Therefore, when selecting equipment, we should pay attention to the material of hammer head and see how the wear resistance is.

    3. Sand-making machine should insist on smoothing regularly and use dry oil smoothing method to increase proper amount of smoothing grease in every shift of crusher.

    4. The starting sequence of the whole system in the sand production line: discharging crusher feeding. It is necessary for the crusher to start without load. Feeding can be provided after the crusher works properly. The order of shutdown is opposite to that of startup. Strictly following the sequence of operations can reduce unnecessary troubles and speed up the production process.

    5. Operators need to be trained professionally and operated regularly so as not to cause damage to the machine.