Workflow of Portable Jaw Crushing Plant

  • For mine-related enterprises, portable crusher plant is popular because of its advanced, intelligent, changeable, environmentally friendly and efficient. It is precisely because of this that its processing capacity is not comparable to that of general equipment. The emergence of portable crusher is the result of the development of the times. It is intelligent, efficient, environmentally friendly, convenient and economical. It fully meets the requirements of sustainable development, so its application prospects are very broad.

    Portable crushing equipment can be of various types depending on the main equipment matched, such as portable jaw crusher, portable cone crusher, portable counterattack crusher, portable hammer crusher, portable sand making machine, etc.

    1. Workflow of Portable Crushing Plant with Jaw Crusher and Cone Crusher

    The feeding silo transports the material to jaw crusher - after crushing, it is transported by conveyor belt to vibrating screen - and then to cone crusher after screening - after cone crushing and secondary crushing, different granularity of finished materials can be produced according to the requirements.

    2. Workflow of portable crushing plant with single crushing equipment

    Material is first transported from feeder to sand machine for sanding operation - after processing, material is transported to vibrating screen by belt conveyor - screening process meets the discharge requirements of customers'finished products, and unsatisfactory re-processing is returned to sand machine until the finished products are discharged.

    Portable full-automatic sand machine is referred to as portable sand machine. According to the walking form, it can be divided into two categories: tire and caterpillar. According to different equipments, it can also be divided into different types of portable sand machine. Therefore, it belongs to the sand machine with Multi-equipments and scientific configuration. Among them, "full-automatic" is mainly because it is equipped with electronic control cabinet, hydraulic design, foldable and reversible intelligent operation, which can realize remote control of the operation of the entire equipment, and then realize the "one-key operation" without manual debugging and efficient operation mode. portable automatic sand machine, also known as "Transformers" in the field of sand making, can integrate intelligence and efficiency.