Environmental Protection of Mobile Crushers

  • With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the mobile crusher is a new type of high-efficiency mining equipment, with integrated body and strong maneuverability. Mobile crusher is free from the traditional piling, infrastructure construction and complex installation procedures. It can be directly operated on the stone site without site restrictions and large production capacity. The work here is completed and can be transferred to the other side at any time. The work efficiency is beyond your imagination.

    Mobile crusher plant is a new type of intelligent equipment which integrates crushing, screening, power, transportation and walking. It is a new type of mobile crushing equipment suitable for all kinds of stone crushing. Compared with the traditional stone crusher, the new generation of mobile crusher has been greatly improved in terms of internal structure, installation and operation, environmental protection design and other aspects, and is loved by the majority of users in many industries.

    1. Environmental Protection

    (1). Because of its fluidity, the secondary pollution caused by the transportation of raw materials from the quarry to the crushing station is avoided.

    (2). Due to its unique structure, the whole crushing process can be sealed and broken to control dust pollution from the source.

    (3). It can be equipped with dust removal and noise reduction, and spray device can further control pollution.

    2. Low Operation Cost

    (1). because it is a complete crushing production line, the combination is reasonable and compact, the intelligent control is high, and the staff can be reduced.

    (2). there is no need to transport stones from the stone factory, which saves money.

    (3). pile driving, capital construction and installation are not required to save the service life and cost.

    (4). energy saving and high efficiency, long service life.

    (5). flexible combination, one-time production of multi specification finished products, full use of raw materials.