technological process of basalt crushing plant

  • Basalt is a high-quality raw material in infrastructure projects. After processing, it can be used to build roads, railways, buildings, airport runways, etc. with its strong compression resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent quality, it has become a better cornerstone for the development of railway and road transportation. Therefore, due to the high investment and utilization value of the ore, it is one of the more profitable projects.

    Basalt Processing Equipment

    According to the characteristics of basalt, basalt jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, basalt sand making machine, etc. are generally recommended for basalt crushing plant. In the treatment of basalt, different types of mining equipment have different feed particle size, discharge particle size, production capacity range, etc. you need to select the type of equipment according to the actual situation. In order to better processing effect in the later production process, to meet the production demand, to reduce the wear of equipment, and to extend the service life.

    A complete set of technological process of basalt crushing production line:

    Equipment Configuration: Basalt jaw crusher, basalt cone crusher (basalt impact crusher), vibrating feeder, conveyor, vibrating screen and a series of auxiliary equipment.

    Process Flow: the original basalt is sent to the basalt jawbone crusher by the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing, which is also called the first stage crushing. Then it enters the basalt impact crusher (basalt cone crusher) for re crushing. This process is also the second stage crushing. The qualified materials can be packed after being processed by the equipment, and the unreasonable materials can enter the crushing again through the convey, to achieve the cycle of crushing process, cycle, until the finished product granularity to meet user needs.

    Materials Process: