How to solve the problems in the production process of sand mac

  • The importance of the sand making machine in the sand making production line is self-evident. It plays an important role. When there is a problem in the sand making production line, the production progress will be seriously affected. Therefore, for the problem of the sand making machine, we should treat it calmly and look for professionals to check and repair it. Here are some common problems and solutions.

    1. Excessive bearing load of sand making machine: check the load. Under the right load condition, control to a reasonable range.

    2. Sand machine bearing moment load invasion of external enemies, inflow: increased rust proof sealing device, downtime. Improved surface finish of matched rolling parts. It shows the dark side. The dark surface has slight wear. The microcracks with depth of 5-10 m and the small opening fracture are installed in a wide range from the surface to the inside. Improved sealing device.

    3. Improper lubricant: use lubricant with proper viscosity to improve lubrication. The surface finish of bearing matching rolling parts of sand machine is poor. Foreign material enters the lubricant. Select the appropriate lubricant.

    4. The bearing clearance is not suitable. The accuracy of bearing shell is poor, and the rigidity of bearing box is uneven: check the accuracy of shaft and bearing shell. Check the clearance of.

    5. Check the accuracy of the bearing shaft and bearing seat for rust, erosion, wear and indentation. When the inner ring of the bearing load of the ball press rotates, the rolling fatigue of the raceway surface or the rolling surface of the outer ring shows flake like spalling. The so-called slight burns on the sliding surface caused by the card injury sum up the damage caused by the surface damage. The surface roughness caused by lubricating oil is poor. It is not appropriate to peel off lubricant, improve lubricant and lubrication method.