artificial sand making process

  • In recent years, sand and stone aggregate is particularly scarce, and there are unlimited business opportunities for the production of artificial sand, which is bound to replace natural sand and be widely used in infrastructure. There are many components of the artificial sand making process. However, no matter which scheme and production line scale, the basic production process is the same, mainly divided into the following stages:

    Raw material (stone) - coarse crushing - medium crushing (part of which is set with screening link) - sand making (fine crushing and shaping) - Screening - (sand washing) - dust removal - finished artificial sand.

    There are many equipment configuration schemes for artificial sand making process, including fixed type and mobile type. Among them, the fixed series of coarse crushers are mostly jaw crushers; there are many types of medium and fine crushers, including impact crushers, cone crushers, etc.; there are also many types of sand making machines available for selection in the sand making process. The effect of artificial sand production line with different equipment combination is different, and the cost and capital are also different.

    A. vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + impact crusher + sand making machine + vibrating screen + conveyor belt;

    B. vibrating feeder + hammer crusher + vibrating screen + conveyor belt;

    C. vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + cone crusher + sand making machine + vibrating screen + conveyor belt;

    D. vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + cone crusher + vibrating screen + conveyor belt;

    Customers should design more intelligent, centralized, compact, high-yield and environment-friendly production lines according to the size of the site and production demand, reduce the floor area of the production line as much as possible, simplify the flexible operation, reduce the consumption of equipment power and diesel, and produce more satisfactory artificial sand for users.

    sand making machine: