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  • In the mining industry, there are many kinds of rock crusher for sale and these equipments with many kinds and wide application, such as sand making, cement, grinding, mineral processing and so on. In the market, there are many different kind of rock crushers and manufacturers, how do customers choose the right crushing equipment?

    There are many kinds of stone crusher, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, impact crusher, hammer crusher, high efficiency fine crusher, double stage crusher, and crusher, which are widely used. It is no wonder that many users can not judge and make a choice. Let's see what experts give us.

    Before selecting stone quarry crusher, the method of crushing force application should be defined. According to the material properties, particle size and requirements of crushing products, the corresponding force application mode should be adopted, and then the type of crushing equipment should be determined.

    1. The hard materials with large or medium particle size are crushed and impacted. The crushing equipment has teeth with different shapes, such as jaw crusher, toothed roller crusher, etc.

    2. The particle size is small and hard materials are crushed, impacted and grinded. The surface of crushing equipment is smooth without teeth, such as roll crusher.

    3. Powdery or muddy materials are grinded, impacted and crushed, such as ball mills.

    4. The materials with weak abrasiveness are impacted, struck and ground, and the crushing equipment has sharp teeth.

    5. The material with strong abrasion is mainly crushed, and the surface of crushing equipment is smooth.

    6. Ductile materials are sheared or struck rapidly, such as Hammer Crushers.

    7. The multi-component materials can be crushed by impact and combined with various force fields.

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