How to save the cost of mineral processing?

  • The production cost of a concentrator generally includes equipment procurement and equipment operation and maintenance costs. If the concentrator wants to save the mineral processing cost, it mainly starts from these two aspects.

    In order to ensure the economic benefits of the concentrator and save the mineral cost, the mineral processing cost is the most important. For the concentrator, the main way to save the cost of ore dressing plant is to design and construct the production line.

    The design of beneficiation production line includes not only the installation design of beneficiation equipment, but also the design of beneficiation process, including the design of production process for separating useful minerals and gangue or magazine economically and effectively by physical and chemical methods to meet the requirements of smelter or other users for products. Reasonable design of concentrator can effectively reduce the initial investment cost of the overall construction of the concentrator.

    Among them, the selection of concentrator site is also a way to save the cost of mineral processing. For example, the site selection should try to avoid land acquisition and construction demolition, so as to reduce a large amount of land costs and demolition compensation burden. If the concentrator is built on the mountain, try to ensure that the pulp can flow by itself and save a lot of slurry transportation cost.

    Secondly, the selection of equipment with good energy-saving effect and high degree of automation is also an important means to save mineral processing cost. Good energy-saving effect can greatly save the operation power cost of the concentrator, and the high degree of automation equipment can also greatly save the labor cost of the concentrator.

    Then, choosing the equipment with good quality and high production efficiency is also an important means to save the cost of mineral processing. Why do you say that? When purchasing equipment, many people tend to choose low-cost mineral processing equipment. As a result, in the follow-up production process, due to the installation of equipment with poor quality and low price, it has an adverse impact on future mine production. Not only does the mineral processing index fail to meet the requirements, but also spend a lot of money to repair old equipment and purchase new equipment. Therefore, the concentrator should choose high-quality equipment with excellent quality and produced by large manufacturers when purchasing equipment. For example, the leader in the mineral processing equipment is a good choice.

    In addition to energy saving and efficiency, the equipment with good wear resistance and long service life can also reduce the equipment consumption cost, and the equipment life also affects the production cost. The long service life of the equipment reduces the cost of production, operation and maintenance, and the failure rate is low, which saves a lot of equipment maintenance costs. At the same time, it also avoids the loss caused by equipment failure and maintenance, and saves a lot of time. These are very important for the benefit of concentrator. For example, the energy-saving ball mill adopts energy-saving structure design, which reduces the power consumption by 60% and greatly reduces the production cost. Using high-quality wear-resistant materials, the average utilization rate of the equipment is increased by 3-10, and the service life can be extended by 2-5 times. At the same time, it is convenient to replace and maintain the equipment and reduce the management cost.

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