Maintenance skills of vibrating screen

  • Vibrating screen is one of the most widely used screening equipment at present, and the new type of vibrating screen has higher precision, which is greatly improved compared with the traditional screening equipment, and the production capacity has also been greatly improved. However, in the actual production, users often encounter a variety of faults, which will bring great trouble to the normal production. The following is a look at the use of vibrating screen machine precautions and some common maintenance measures.

    After purchase, the first thing to do is debug. The accuracy of vibrating screen machine is relatively high, so it is an ideal choice when debugging. It is necessary to check whether the electrical protection device installed fails and whether it can be used normally. In the use of vibrating screen machine, we can also see that the anchor bolts need to be carefully checked. This position is easy to loose. Once loose, it will produce great vibration and noise, and even burn the motor, which will bring great damage to the equipment.

    In daily work, we should know what oil to add to the shaker, and at the same time, we should not ignore the daily inspection work. After checking the anchor bolts, we should pay attention to whether the screen is damaged or not. If there is a leak, the material will flow out and bring great loss. It is also necessary to check the bundle ring of vibrating screen frequently to ensure that the tightening is not loose. Vibrating screen machine in the use of precautions, but also pay attention to some of the common noise, timely stop inspection, find out the source of noise, timely removal.

    Maintenance of vibrating screen is not a day or two days, but a long-term adherence, regular inspection and maintenance. Vibrating screen machine use precautions, when the vibrating screen work for a period of time, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection, to see whether the vulnerable parts are damaged, timely repair and replacement, to ensure the normal production.

    Compared with other traditional screening equipment, the accuracy of vibrating screen machine is relatively high, which requires careful supervision and maintenance during production. The matters needing attention in the use of vibrating screen machine have been introduced in detail above. I hope all operators can pay attention to the correct operation of the equipment and daily maintenance work in the process of daily operation, so as to ensure the normal startup and operation of the equipment.