How to configure stone crushing plants?

  • At present, low carbon environmental protection, green development has become the development direction of various industries, especially the gravel aggregate industry. The traditional Stone Quarry Business Plan has been unable to meet the development needs of the current city. In order to adapt to the current social development, mining and crushing equipment enterprises have developed new environmental protection machinery, and the environmental protection sand and stone production line has become the development goal of major enterprises.

    Granite crushing production line will mainly use equipment: vibration feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, etc., so how to reduce the environmental pollution? How to configure granite crushing production line to achieve green production?

    The process of sand gravel production line is roughly as follows: (silo) --- feeder --- jaw crusher --- impact crusher --- vibrating screen (finished stone). The machines between them can be connected by conveyor, and cone crusher and dust removal equipment can also be equipped according to the needs of users.

    First of all, the selection of Granite Stone Crusher Machine should meet the crushing ratio determined by the process, and the equipment with large crushing force, uniform particle size, small vibration amplitude and good dust-proof effect should be selected as far as possible. For example, jaw crusher adopts deep cavity crushing, high efficiency and energy saving. The unique flywheel design can effectively reduce vibration, make the machine run more smoothly and meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

    Furthermore, on the basis of ensuring the screening efficiency, the vibrating screen should choose the equipment with low vibration noise as far as possible. At present, there is a new type of vibrating screen, thin oil self-lubricating, changing lubricating oil every 3-6 months, which greatly saves the cost.

    From the concept of environmental protection, the location of sand and gravel production line should be far away from residential areas and office areas, and the crushing and screening workshop should be located in the concave area as far as possible to avoid dust and noise pollution.

    In addition, operators should strictly wear dust masks and other protective equipment during the operation. The sewage from the gravel production line can be recycled, precipitated and reused. It is necessary to ensure the smooth sewage discharge of the system, and the waste slag should be transported to the designated material yard.

    In the production process, the operation should be carried out according to the regulations. If necessary, the crushing, screening and sand making parts can be closed to achieve the purpose of dust prevention and noise prevention.

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