Four differences between artificial sand and natural sand

  • Both artificial sand and natural river sand belong to construction sand. The difference is that artificial sand is processed by sand making machine, which is a kind of artificial sand; River sand is formed naturally and can be mined and used directly. And they are very different in materials, resources, environmental protection and production costs.

    Material Aspect

    Artificial sand: it is processed by sand making machine and other sand making machine. Now, sand making machine technology has made great progress, which can meet the needs of large-scale production and construction requirements of users.

    Natural sand: it is formed after long-term seawater impact. Natural sand can be used as construction sand, but its resources have been exhausted and scarce, so it is urgent to replace it. In this respect, artificial sand is better than natural sand.


    Artificial sand: there are many kinds of sand and stone raw materials and rich resources, so there is no need to worry that there are no raw materials in the use process, and there are a variety of sand making machine to choose from.

    Natural sand: This is a kind of natural resource, which needs long-term seawater impact to form. The formation period is long. And now the natural sand has gradually dried up, unable to meet the market demand.

    Environmental Protection

    Artificial sand: it can meet the production needs of different users by adjusting the particle size of materials produced by sand making machine. It has the function of environmental protection.

    Natural sand: mining is usually carried out in river channels. However, the large-scale exploitation of natural sand will cause some damage to the ecological environment such as river and beach.

    Production Cost

    Artificial sand: to be processed by various sand making machine. In the process of sand making, we need to buy sand making machine, but the purchase of equipment is a once and for all transaction.

    Natural sand: it is a natural resource. It can be directly used for production after mining, which can reduce the production cost. However, due to the reduction of resources, the mining cost is relatively high.