pay attention to the sand making machine suddenly stopped

  • What should I do if the sand making machine stops suddenly when it is working? It is very troublesome for the sand making machine to stop suddenly due to a failure, especially when the construction personnel are present, it is easy to damage the life safety of the workers, and it is easy to bring to the manufacturer. Come a huge loss. Therefore, the sand making machine must be checked before starting.

    Before using the sand making machine, the ore extruded from the crushing cavity must be removed before starting the machine. And pay attention to regular maintenance and regular maintenance. In the daily maintenance work, it is necessary to correctly judge the equipment failure, accurately analyze the cause, and quickly take the elimination method.

    Sand making production line: troubleshooting can be carried out according to some principles of the sand making machine. For example, the grease used in a sand making machine can be added every 400 hours of operation. After 2000 hours of operation, the main shaft assembly can be opened to clean the bearings. After 7200 hours of normal operation, the bearings will be replaced. In general, the upper bearing of the main shaft is the floating end, and the lower bearing is the fixed end. After installation, the pulley should be flexibly rotated by hand.

    In addition, it can also be adjusted appropriately according to the tension of the V-belt driven by the sand making machine to ensure the uniform force of the V-belt. When driven by dual motors, the V-belts on both sides should be selected in batches so that the length of each group of belts is as consistent as possible. The current difference between the two motors should not exceed 15A. In the operation of the sand making machine, since the equipment is a high-speed equipment, special attention should be paid to safe production. Relevant personnel should stay away from the equipment and, if necessary, perform maintenance after shutting down.