What is the effect of materials on the efficiency of Raymond mi

  • Raymond mill is a commonly used grinding equipment, which has played a great role in the processing and development of the domestic powder industry. In order to ensure the correct operation of the grinding work of the Raymond Mill and improve the output and finished product quality of the equipment, it is necessary to strictly control the moisture entering the materials. When the moisture is too large, it is easy to cause ambiguity, which can greatly reduce the efficiency and cause equipment blockage. The following is a detailed analysis of the impact of excessive water content of processing materials on Raymond mill.

    1. When the material has a large water content, it is not easy to directly put into production, so the water in the material should be discharged. At the same time, because there is a certain amount of water in the ground material in the grinding room, the heat generated during grinding is easy to lead to indoor gas evaporation and change the air flow, and the loose connection of the whole machine pipeline makes the external gas inhaled, increasing the air volume of the circulating air flow, resulting in less powder produced by Raymond grinding.

    2. SBM Raymond mill has certain moisture requirements for the processed materials. Generally, the materials can be ground only when the moisture content of the materials does not exceed 10%. Since the moisture content of different materials is the same during grinding, it is necessary to check the materials before production.

    3. In the production process, if the humidity of the material is too high, the material is easy to adhere to the grinding roller and grinding ring in the grinding process. When the ground material passes through the analyzer, it is easy to block the analyzer, resulting in the decline of output. Therefore, when using Raymond mill to process materials, the drier the materials are, the faster and more sufficient the processing and grinding speed will be, so as to improve the output.