Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Introduce The Advan

  • When some customers went to the building materials city to buy a sink, they took a fancy to a sink, but the sink set did not contain a drain basket, and then they did not buy it. then the question arose, is the drain basket a necessity? And is it really useful or not? Following Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers is a look at the news.

    Mothers who often cook know that spinach, cabbage, rape, bean sprouts and so on contain more water. If the vegetables are fried directly after washing, a lot of water will easily come out, directly affecting the taste and taste of the vegetables. This is the time for the drain basket to play a role. After washing, put these vegetables into the drain basket. It is best to sprinkle a proper amount of salt. Soon the water will drain off a lot of water.

    There are a lot of water drops on washed apples, grapes, peaches and so on, but we can't eat them all at once. After all, no one has that big appetite, but it is very troublesome to wash them every time. Therefore, you can drain it in the drain basket first, put it into the dish after it is clean, and enjoy the TV series while eating while watching TV.

    As we all know, after the dishes and chopsticks are cleaned, the surface is stained with a lot of water droplets, which will also contain traces of detergent harmful to human body, so we can drain the dishes and chopsticks in the drain basket at this time to avoid excessive residual water. However, if there is a disinfection cabinet at home, it can be used to disinfect and drain water.

    Then why do merchants say that such a widely used drain basket is of little use? On the one hand, because some families are too busy at work, the cooking time will not be very long, and draining water will delay some time, thus saving trouble and not using the draining basket. Or some hostess didn't have the habit of using a drain basket. On the other hand is to save costs and maximize benefits. The drain basket is an integral part of the stainless steel sink set. You can see how much a drain basket costs online. In fact, Xijun kitchen and toilet think that it is not cost-effective for businesses to cheat consumers for only a few tens of dollars. It not only makes them lose faith with consumers, but also brings troubles to consumers' daily life in the future.