Stainless Steel Faucets Has Become A Popular Product

  • Perhaps the partners who pursue quality of life have their own unique insights in choosing taps, but for most people, the selection of taps is a bit confusing. With the rise of various fashion trends, stainless steel faucets has become the mainstream product for people to choose faucets, then do you really know how to choose stainless steel faucets correctly?

    1. Faucet type
    In fact, there are several types of faucets beside the familiar standard faucets. Each kitchen has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    There is a drop-down faucet, a high neck and a detachable spray head. These can be said to be the most versatile and balanced. Pull-out faucets are basically pull-down, except that they are shorter and more suitable for smaller kitchens. Commercial style, two-handle and non-contact are also the most common faucets.

    2. Design
    For some people, the appearance of their cooking space may not matter. But I am sure there are a lot of people who think that the kitchen is the core of the family, and I am very concerned about its aesthetics.

    3. Installation
    For experienced faucet users, this is self-evident, but for those relatively new users: please pay attention to the mounting holes. Taps sometimes only need one hole. At other times, they need a maximum of four.

    If you have multiple mounting holes with a single hole faucet, the cover will take care of the extra clearance. However, if there is only one hole in the countertop or sink, select a single-hole unit or drill some extra holes for the unit that requires more holes.

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