What is a Roto Rooter Machine?

  • The American Midwest is known for its periodic flooding, especially in the Des Moines River Valley. Heavy seasonal rainfall can spell disaster for a city as rainwater flushes debris into sewer systems, clogging public drainage systems and causing billions of dollars in flood damage. Duracable Manufacturing provides the perfect product for plumbers and service technicians to avoid such disasters. The Roto Rooter Machine, first patented in 1933 by Samuel Blanc, clears away debris from sewer pipes without having to expose the pipes themselves – digging up entire sections of a city.


    Samuel Blanc’s original design helped bring in a new era of plumbing cleaning services. Patented for $250, around $4,500 dollars by today’s standards, Blanc created a means for untrained technicians to earn a wage during the Great Depression. Technicians did not have to be licensed plumbers to use the machine. Throughout the years, the design has been improved upon and manufacturing has been streamlined. Smaller models appeared on the market for household drains soon thereafter.



    All of Duracable’s Roto Rooter Machines are equipped with electric motors that spin the steel cables and blades like a drill. The blades are sharpened during production so that they are ready for immediate use. The blade rests inside the pipe and, as it spins, it clears away all manner of debris. Several safety features are included on all of their drain cleaning products like stop and go foot pumps that start and cease spinning blades instantly. There is a minimum risk of injury while using Duracable’s drain cleaning technology.


    Residential models for thismachine are compact and mobile, allowing technicians easy transportation between job sites. Duracable Manufacturing offers a variety of machine sizes for smaller sized pipes. The drain cleaning machine generally comes in a sled style with 6-inch wheels for portability. All machines come with sewer cable and a 16-inch cable drum. This makes Duracable’s smaller drain cleaning machines perfect for clearing grease build-ups from home pipes.


    For commercial models of this machine, they have adirect drive system, eliminating the need for the hazardous belt. The cable reels are removable and interchangeable with quick release swing bolts. These machines are designed to tackle the largest of foliage clogs on city streets. Terrible stoppages after a flood are no longer an issue when a drain cleaning technician is paired with Duracable products.


    Duracable Manufacturing has brought dependable, high-performance drain cleaning equipment to plumbers and technicians for over thirty years. Founded in 1981, all Duracable products are manufactured in the United States and are made from the highest quality materials. Duracable knows that their customers depend on their products to perform and offers the industry’s only two-year warranty on drain cleaning machines and thirty-day warranties on all cables.


    Duracable’s Roto Rooter Machine offers trained service technicians easy access to commercial and residential pipes without the mess of digging up sidewalks, streets, or lawns. Duracable Manufacturing top-of-the-line drain cleaning products come with the longest warranties on the market as well as superior quality materials. Drain servicing technicians and plumbers never have to worry about snaking a pesky sink drain or a clogged pipe after a flood again. For more information about the machines available at Duracable, visit them online today!