Duracable has a Sewer Cable Machine for Every Job

  • Having the right tools for the job is crucial for drain cleaning professionals. When you need to reach and break a clog quickly, the right sewer cable machine can make a huge difference. At Duracable Manufacturing, we take enormous pride in our high-quality cable machines. We have spent years perfecting our line of machines and we are certain that they can handle any drain problem from a backed up sink to a clogged sewer line.

    Duracable’s machines are the best on the market. Depending on the focus of your drain cleaning business, we have several options available. Our nine sewer cable machines fall into 3 categories: Sink, Sled, and Upright machines.

    Our Sink Machines are our most compact options. These machines are perfect for residential jobs and fit easily on a countertop. They can be run horizontally or vertically and are a great option for jobs in tight spaces where a larger machine would be cumbersome. Despite their small size, sink machines like our bestselling DM138’s powerful ¼ HP motor cranks out 230 rotations per minute to break through any residential clog.

    Our Sled Machines are the type of machine many professionals are used to for sewer main and industrial drain cleaning. Depending on the model you choose, our sled machines can tackle drains from 1” to 10”. All of our sled machines are mounted to a wheeled frame for ease of transport and can be fitted with enough cable capacity to tackle any service call.

    Our Upright Machines are designed to provide you with every feature you could want in a drain snake machine. These machines feature a powerful direct drive design mounted to a wheeled frame that fits easily through a standard 30” doorframe. Our upright frames also include stair climbers for maximum mobility. Each machine features a built-in toolbox for gloves, tools, and snake cable accessories. These machines include power cable feed and return systems to make deploying and retrieving cable quick and easy.

    All of our machines feature our convenient reel system. Our enclosed polyethylene cable reels help to contain your sewer cable to avoid splatter in your workspace. All of our reels are simple to swap, so you can swap out the perfect cable for any job in moments or remove the reel for ease of transport.

    We stand by all of our sewer cable machines. Each machine’s frame and motor are covered by our 2 to 3-year limited warranty. If your machine breaks while not under warranty, ship it back and our experts will inspect the machine and inform you what repairs are needed. If you choose to have us repair your machine, we will waive the fee for the inspection.

    As a proud American manufacturer, Duracable is dedicated to helping our clients find all the supplies they need for their drain cleaning business. Our inventory includes our amazing machines as well as cables, blades, drain cameras, cleaning products, and other essential tools. Whatever supplies you need, our customer service team will help you find the best products at an amazing price. Shop our website or give us a call at 515-512-9817 and discover the difference Duracable products can make for your business.