Duracable Has the Best Sewer Snakes for Sale to Clean Your Drai

  • Plumbing and drain cleaning or repair professionals have a hard job to do, but at Duracable Manufacturing, we aim to make it easier for you. We supply high-quality products that can be used for any drain cleaning mess you may have, no matter the size. All of our products are reasonably priced, and our inventory is highly expansive, so we'll always have the tools and equipment you need to take care of business. One of our biggest array of products in stock is our sewer snakes for sale. Our sewer snakes are available in many different sizes so that you can find the snake that is the best fit and would be most effective for your needs and your job.



    Our biggest priority is your satisfaction, which is why we test each coil in the USA to make sure they are up to the highest of standards. Our coils are made from our DuraFlex material and come in many different sizes from ¼” to ¾” and can even be customized to fit a length from 1’’ to 16”. This means that there are over 60 different types of cables you can choose from and customize including either hollow or inner core cables. Splices are also imperative to completing your order, so make sure to check out our inventory of splices such as the hex splice, splice core, or female and male end splices.


    Duracable Manufacturing also carries drain reels, which are perfect for many drain machines or replacements of cable drums. We have 21 different reels that come in many sizes so that you can find one that will get you the longest life from your sewer snake for sale. The reels always have inner reels and recoiling arms making it very efficient. Our reels are designed to run for a certain cable size and length and are easy to change out. They offer a long life for your drain machine and keep your cables lasting long as well.


    In addition to sewer sneaks and reels, a blade or blade chuck might be the right choice for you. Our blades are very versatile and can assist in anything from a blog in the kitchen sink to servicing a main line where heavy duty equipment is needed. Made from high carbon springs and treated with heat, rustproofed, and pre-sharpened, you will receive blades that are ready be used right away. Our blades come in 7 different shapes (single, round, pear, elliptic, offset, round bottom, and U shape) and can work in lines from 1” to 16”. The blades cut using specialty cutters and cable retrievers and are designed to fit in most drain cleaning equipment.


    At Duracable, we care about our customers, which is why we offer a two-year warranty on all drain cleaning machines and cables. We also ship fast and deliver quickly. Visit us online at Duracable.com and order everything you need, today!