If You Need A 100 Ft Drain Snake, Duracable Is Your Ticket

  • If your need for quality drain cleaning equipment like a 100 ft drain snake keeps you on the constant move for a supplier with consistent and superb quality, then your search is over. Understandably, it can be frustrating never being assured of the quality you will be receiving in your drain equipment, especially when you pride yourself on your own determination and grit in the face of on the job obstacles. What you need is 100 Ft Drain Snake that works as hard as you do and then some, which has been created to careful specifications and guaranteed to be strong, flexible, and resilient. What you need is to take a trip to Duracable.com and meet the new era of drain cleaning equipment.


    All of Duracable’s drain snakes are manufactured by Duracable to very precise specifications to guarantee their quality. What that means is when you buy a 100 ft drain snake from Duracable, you are getting equipment that is guaranteed to be strong, hard, and flexible, and guaranteed to stand up to the worst of adverse conditions that clogged drained and poorly maintained lines can throw at them. Let’s put it this way. Duracable inspects every batch of cables multiple times and if any of them fails the inspection on any front, the entire batch becomes waste.


    Their policy is that it’s best to get rid of a problem before it becomes a problem. Once the drain cables are complete, they ship them in a proprietary carton that prevents kinking and binding and other transportation-related woes and facilitates loading the snake onto the reel of a drain machine once at its destination. Oh, and their cables are guaranteed for thirty days. Thirty days of cleaning pipes is quite a trial. That’s how confident Duracable is in their stock. With Duracable, the product is guaranteed on the production line, protected admirably during shipping, and then guaranteed once it gets to you. That’s a pretty sure bet.


    Now let’s say you don’t just need a 100 ft drain snake. Let’s say you need another length based on the drain machine you’re using and its capacity needs something longer or shorter. Duracable has what you need. That’s because even if for some reason you can’t accept one of their standard sizes from 37 to 150 feet, Duracable will complete a custom job for you, in hollow- or inner-core, and ranging in size up to ¾ of an inch for some seriously heavy jobs. Also, when you come to Duracable.com, you can find all the accessories you’ll need not only to inspect an issue but to remedy it as well.


    Duracable offers camera inspection equipment, drain cleaning, and clearing chemicals and supplies, as well as the blades and end fittings for your cables along with the machines that you’ll need to put them into service. It’s basically a one-stop-shop for all your drain servicing needs, but this one-stop-shop has quality locked down. It’s a game maker for the drain cleaning industry, and it’s about time you hooked up a Duracable drain snake to your reel, so visit Duracable.com today.