Get Your Next 100 Foot Snake from Duracable

  • Do you know where you can get ridiculously tough drain clearing equipment for your business at costs that will completely blow you away? At Duracable, that’s where. That’s because Duracable has perfected the art of manufacturing drain cleaning equipment like machines, snakes, blades and inspection equipment. Not only is their equipment top of the line tough as nails quality, the kind of stuff you could tackle the toughest and dirtiest jobs with, but Duracable offers these pieces of equipment at absurdly low prices. If you need drain clearing equipment but don’t feel like paying unnecessary markups for no boost in quality and dependability, then Duracable is the next and last place you need to shop for your wares.


    Let’s say that among the gear you need to replace for an upcoming job is a 100 Foot Snake. You will be amazed not only at the impressively rugged quality of the 100 foot drain snakes at Duracable but also by the options you will have for configuration and the accessories you will be able to find for it, all in one place. So you’re looking for a 100 foot snake, and at Duracable, you’ll find it. If you need a thin diameter snake for clearing narrow lines in a home, you’ll find ¼-inch hollow-core models. If you need a heavy-duty snake for clearing external lines of blockages like roots or even heavy intrusions of dirt or clay, there are ¾ inch models. In between, you’ll find diameters in increments to suit any job’s demands, in hollow or inner core configurations. But it’s not just that you’ll find the size you need, that cable will power through thick and thin with you. That’s because Duracable makes its own equipment to very rigid standards, ensuring drain cables that are not only intensely strong but flexible. Their cables are so strong, in fact, that they guarantee them for 30 days, standing faithfully behind their products.


    When you go with Duracable for your next 100 foot snake, you’ll find the rest of the accessories you need for use with that cable, including male and female end fittings, slip joint end fittings and splice core fittings. For powering through obstructions, you’ll find a full line of sink blades, along with chisels and grease cutters, spearheads, and flat blades, v blades and round bottom blades. Whatever the blockage is, Duracable has the machinery and hardware to get you through.


    Where would your 100 foot snake be without a drain machine? Not clearing lines, that’s for sure, but with Duracable, you can find all the equipment you need for a job and that includes the reels and machines that make using your cables possible. With sink, sled and upright machines, Duracable is well equipped to help you tackle everything from the most mundane domestic clogs to the heaviest backups. And their machines, like their cables, are guaranteed. Just like you, Duracable doesn’t mess around when it comes to keeping lines clear, so for your next drain snake or accessories, make a trip to