Need A 100 Ft Sewer Snake? Duracable Has What You Need

  • You work hard, and you expect your equipment to work as hard as you do. That’s completely understandable when you have a background and expertise in drain clearing and maintenance. You put your equipment into some of the toughest environments and through some of the most grueling tasks out there. So when it’s time for you to shop for a 100 Ft Sewer Snake, whether or not it’s routine or you intend to put it to a specific job, you need to know that your gear can back you up under the most demanding of conditions. Drain snakes that are too brittle, not flexible enough or that otherwise lack the structural integrity you need are more than just inconveniences, they are unacceptable. Therefore, when your efficacy on the job requires more of you, you head right to


    That’s because when you need a 100 ft sewer snake and you trust in Duracable to bring you the goods, you will get not only strength and flexibility, you will get consistency. Though the prices are excellent, this is no cost-cutting operation - Duracable takes great pains to ensure that its drain snakes meet their standards for quality in the regards herein listed and others. When Duracable sets out to whip up a batch of world-class sewer snakes, their materials are tested again and again to ensure standout quality before they receive the Duracable name. And if they don’t meet par, they end up in the waste bin. There is no secondhand product at Duracable. Come to Duracable for your 100 ft sewer snake (or any other size) and you’ll be getting tough, flexible, properly tempered drain cables that will keep on going, as they say, when the going gets tough.


    Trust Duracable to outfit your business with the drain cables you need, and you will be getting cables in standard lengths up to 150 feet, although Duracable will also complete custom orders. Their drain snakes are shipped with the utmost of care not only to prevent damage in shipping but also to make it easy for you to load them onto your drain cleaning machines, and even then come with a 30-day guarantee so you can rest easy that you’re getting the real deal. They won’t leave you hanging when you need accessories since you won’t be diving down a drain without the joints you need to ensure you’ll reach the site or the blades you’ll need to clear it. Duracable has the accessories you need to tackle any drain obstacles and of course you can expect the same standout quality from them on that front as well.


    Put the days of binding, kinking, warping, cracking, sub-par drain cables behind you and your business. Usher in a new era of reliable, durable drain clearing equipment when you source your gear from Duracable. You won’t have to wrestle or wrangle with drain cables that just can’t cut it any longer. Visit or call up their team at 515-512-9817 today.