Your Next 100 Foot Drain Snake Is Waiting for You At Duracable

  • Dealing with cheap equipment in any line of work is a frustrating annoyance, and can even be dangerous and costly. Dealing with cheap drain clearing and cleaning equipment means delays on the job and a poor quality of work, which is something no drain cleaning technician would ever wish to offer. Cheap equipment can thwart your efforts in maintaining lines and we don’t mean cheap as in affordable - we’re talking cheap like downright shoddy quality that wouldn’t fly by even the laxest of standards. Sometimes, you can find quality equipment cheap, and one of those places is Duracable.



    The next time you need to use a 100 Drain Snake for a job, whether you need the cable to clear an obstruction or you’re only in the diagnostic stages of work, you can be sure that 100 drain snake will be waiting for you at Duracable. It will be affordable, and it will offer quality that you’ll have to see in action believe. But till then, you can rely on Duracable’s legendary quality control measures to bring you that quality at awesome prices.


    All of the cable manufactured at Duracable, whether it’s in one of their standard lengths or for a custom order, is drawn to very specific and non-negotiable standards of strength and flexibility to bring you an end result that does not intend to flag under on the job stress. In other words and with no pun intended, it is made to bend but not break. Any time Duracable comes across cable in the process of manufacture that does not meet their standards, it gets tossed. Only the best make it across the finish line to you. Even after their rigorous quality controls have been passed, Duracable takes pains to ship their cables in protected packaging to prevent stress or binding before their product makes it to the end-users, and even after it’s working hard for you, it’s guaranteed for 30 days.


    All this would be great enough even if you could only find a 100 drain snake from Duracable, but you’ll be pleased to find that you can provision yourself with all of the drain cleaning equipment from Duracable that you’ll need in your line of work. Duracable offers not only 100-foot drain snakes and cleaning cables in standard lengths up through 150 feet, but they will create custom lengths upon request, in hollow or inner core and all the way up to ¾ of an inch for clearing the toughest obstructions.


    Duracable also offers the drain cleaner machines you’ll need to set your drain cables to work for you, along with camera equipment for inspection of lines and blades for clearing the inevitable obstructions. Duracable also offers a line of drain care products that are tough to beat, such as their concentrated drain cleaner and RootX, a proprietary formula specially designed to reach and kill intrepid roots that have made ingress into a pipeline. So whether you need the drain cleaning machines, some cables, odds and ends, or even the drain care products to supplement it all, head to to find what you need.