Duracable Has Drain Cleaning Equipment for Sale

  • With a name like Duracable, you might have expected them only to sell drain snakes and associated equipment. Well, you’d be right that they do, and they sell the best ones on the market, but they’re much more than simple drain snakes.

    That’s not to say that a drain snake is simple since Duracable takes great pains to ensure they each and every drain cable they sell is an absolute paragon of strength, hardness, and flexibility, hollow or inner core. Every single one of their cables is a powerhouse - from the smallest of their hollow core cables to the toughest ¾ inner core beast on their site.

    But Duracable shouldn’t just be your go-to supplier for drain cables. They should be your go-to supplier for anything you could need when you’re looking for Drain Cleaning Equipment For Sale. Let’s elaborate a bit on that.

    First off, yes, Duracable is a manufacturer and supplier of ultra-premium drain cables. Each and every batch of drain cables they produce is crafted from tough, strong, flexible steel, and if at any point their cables fail quality control inspection the entire lot is discarded. The result is a Duracable DuraFlex cable - just about the toughest, strongest cable in the industry.

    But since you’re looking for drain cleaning equipment for sale, you’ll need more than just the drain cable. You’ll need the equipment to pair with the cables to cut through and clear obstructions, and you’ll need a machine to help you do it.

    At Duracable, you can find the drain blades that you’ll use to work through drain clogs with the help of a machine and drain cables. Duracable has blades in every configuration you could need, depending on the shape, size, and layout of your pipes and the nature of the obstruction.

    At Duracable you will find single, round, pear, elliptic, offset, round bottom and u-shaped blades to round out your arsenal of drain blades. They offer chisels, spearheads, and grease cutters, too, so now blockage is safe. One more thing - their blades are heat-treated, rust-proofed and sharpened, so they’re ready to roll when you get them.

    In addition to cables and blades, you can find the drain machines you’ll need to pair them with them. Duracable offer some of the toughest machines in the business, so from their sink machines to their sled machines, you can expect nothing but the best.

    Speaking of that, Duracable-made drain machines are guaranteed for two years - which is quite the tour of duty in the life of a drain machine. In addition to the guarantee on their machines, their cables are guaranteed for 30 days, so you can be assured of quality even after you’ve put them to work.

    Naturally, if you need to find drain cleaning equipment for sale it would also be helpful for you to find a supplier that sells camera inspection equipment, drain care products and more, and that can all be easily found right at Duracable.com. Duracable is your solution for all things related to drain care, offering both prices and quality you can appreciate.