Look to Duracable for A 100 Foot Snake

  • If you need a 100-Foot Snake for your drain cleaning business, then the simple answer is to make a quick trip to Duracable.com, stock up on what you need and be done with the whole affair. There are times when you need a 100-foot snake to reach way down those lines to clear an obstruction, and there are plenty of options for you to choose from at Duracabe.

    For many residential applications where your equipment will need to navigate many twists and turns and tight recesses, it might be advisable to invest in a hollow-core cable. Hollow care cable relies only on the strength and flexibility of the wire of which it is composed in order to stand up to obstructions. As a result, it offers about the highest degree of flexibility you can find in drain cables. If your 100-foot snake will need to traverse hairpin bends and small lines, you might want to pick up some of Duracable’s thinner models.


    If you’re dealing with commercial or industrial clogs that will require a 100-foot snake with significantly more muscle, so to speak, then it might be worth your while to investigate inner core models. Inner core drain snakes have a stiffened inner core that helps to give them added strength when they come up against obstructions in a drain line. For the toughest obstructions like complex grease blockages and drain roots, drain professionals often choose to turn to inner core cables.


    Regardless of whether the jobs you usually face require the additional integrity of an inner core cable or the heightened flexibility of a hollow core model, know this. All of the drain cables at Duracable are created in-house under exacting specifications to ensure that they offer you incomparable strength, hardness, and flexibility.


    Not only are their drain cables paragons of quality and strength, but Duracable takes pains to make sure they get them to you in one piece. Whereas many other companies will just band up their drain cables, ship them out and call it a day, Duracable packages their cables in a special package that protects the cables from torsion and stress during shipment. In addition, their packaging makes it easier for you to load the cable onto your drain cleaning machine. One more thing - Duracable’s drain snakes are guaranteed for 30 days. That’s one of the most generous guarantees in the industry and quite a term of service for a guarantee on a drain snake.


    Moreover, in case you were wondering, Duracable certainly is much more than just drain cables. You can get drain maintenance products like treatments right on their website in addition to their cables, along with specialty products like camera inspection equipment. You probably are going to need a drain cleaner machine to use that 100-foot drain snake in the first place, too, right? You can get yourself a brand new Duracable drain machine right on their site, and their machines are guaranteed for two years, which is an even more generous guarantee than their cables. On top of cables and machines, they offer blades and accessories for keeping drains clear. Drains aren’t the only thing that will be clear with their equipment - so is the answer to the question ‘Where should I get my next 100-foot drain snake?’ Duracable.com.