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  •  catching times cause to Cheap Fifa 16 Coins 21 than 9, the number of images on concentrate on to a 4-2 cause. We're just set-pieces have defending problems." As to the problem of the reporters about the group break-in, upcoming response is tai chi: "no problem, we just need to develop."

    In truth, the most popular topics of is when J Ronaldo can have ronaldo's performance. The experience came to actual Madrid's action 5 J lo, moreover to the first, the other four J ROM is in a scenario of invisibility. Carlo ancelotti to will arrange into the starting selection,

    he seems to have everything, C ronaldo is not impacted, under the supposition of gong and karim benzema, the rest of the midfield three let J Ronaldo, but actually, such an contract is unable. J's position is a striker, coming back, can't discuss too much Fifa 16 Coins sale online too much security tasks simultaneously,