• As the research on chiral drugs, chiral pesticides and chiral materials continues to be deepened, the demand for optically pure chiral compounds has increased dramatically. To better meet the increasing need arising from the development of chiral synthetic chemistry, the specialized branch of the world’s leading chemical supplier Alfa Chemistry, Alfa Chemistry Catalysts, announced to release a bundle of chiral catalysts for both research and industrial manufacturing use.

    Chiral catalyst refers to a substance that accelerates a chemical reaction resulting in chiral products from achiral substrates. It plays a pivotal role in some synthetic reactions. Asymmetric catalysis is currently the most effective strategy for chiral synthesis. In particular, enzymes, metal complexes and small organic molecules are three pillar-types of asymmetric catalysts.

    “By far the best method of synthesis of chiral organic compounds from prochiral substrates is through the use of chiral catalysts or enzymes. This approach has several advantages, the most important of which is that either the enzyme is naturally occurring or the catalyst can be easily generated from a naturally occurring chiral material,” explains a senior scientist from Alfa Chemistry Catalysts.

    Sources of chiral catalyst

    Some pure natural products without any modification can be used as chiral catalysts. Among them, strychine and sparteine are most commonly used. But the number of natural products used as chiral catalysts are quite limited and their effect to the reactions is not so good. Artificially modifying natural products such as alkaloids, amino acids, carboxylic acids, chiral carbohydrates, and terpenoids is another source of chiral catalysts. Meanwhile, synthetic chiral catalysts are very common as well.

    After long-term research and practice, the synthesis expert in Alfa Chemistry has accumulated valuable tactics for chiral ligand design. To learn more information about Alfa Chemistry Catalysts’ chiral catalysts, please visit to learn more or email us support at directly.


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