• ComputaBio, a US supplier of integrated computational biology solutions, has introduced its drug design services to global drug development scientists. The company claims to be a capable hand in providing professional consultation and suggestions on complex drug design and development issues, and helping researchers to accelerate their novel drug development programs.

    Recent years have seen advances in biotechnology and understanding of biological systems. Drug design, as the inventive process to find new medications based on the knowledge of a biological target, has entered a rational stage in which molecular design dominates the main direction of drug discovery. Meanwhile, in the big data era, with the development of computer technology, computational chemistry, molecular biology and medicinal chemistry, drug design frequently relies on computer modeling techniques and bioinformatics approaches. Cost-effective drug design, including the upstart computer-aided drug design, therefore, becomes vital to scientists who want to make the best use of their financial investment in drug discovery and development.

    ComputaBio is capable to provide global drug discovery and development researchers with a variety of drug design services, which include but are not limited to the followings:
    * De novo designs
    * Structure-based drug design
    * Fragment-based drug design
    * Multiple targeting design
    * Pharmacophore model construction services
    * Other custom drug design upon needs

    For its drug design services, the company claims to achieve:
    * FFS on-time delivery rate: > 80%;
    * Chemical reaction success rate: > 85%;
    * FTE delivers about 1 compound per person per week;
    * Weekly effective responses at least twice;
    * Professional and timely consultation on complex issues;
    * Assistance in paper or patent writing;
    * Suggestions for paper or patent submissions.

    “We have cooperated with many research institutions and biotechnology companies and accumulated extensive experience in drug design.” Says Gary Williams, Senior Scientist of ComputaBio, “Our efficient and responsive team of drug design professionals would become your best partners in drug discovery.”

    To better support scientists in drug discovery and development, ComputaBio also provides molecular dynamics simulations, biological data analysis, protein sequence analysis, protein structure modeling, virtual screening, and other computational biology solutions. Visit the company’s website for more details of its services and the company itself. Inquiry could be sent either via email or on the specific service website.

    About ComputaBio:

    Over the past decade, ComputaBio has been continuously providing professional computational biology services to research institutions and biotech companies worldwide. The company is customer-centered and committed to providing top-quality and cost-effective work upon delivery. The company excels at providing a variety of services in computational biology and quantum chemistry upon needs. And it strives to make the best use of the latest tools, technologies and expertise at a competitive price and fast turnaround time when serving its customers.