Baseceuticals Offers Oncolytic Virus Services to Accelerate the

  • Baseceuticals, the major division of Creative Biogene, mainly targets on gene therapy to provide various services for researchers and institutes to develop new drugs, including genetic modification, gene delivery systems and preclinical trials, recently announced its release of the oncolytic virus service aiming to accelerate the development of gene therapy.


    As a global leader in the field of gene therapy, Baseceuticals provides high-quality oncolytic virus services based on an excellent and mature platform. Relying on the most advanced technology and the most advanced equipment, the experienced technical team has successfully completed many oncolytic virus projects, including oncolytic virus construction, engineering and verification. After communicating and analyzing the specific situation, Baseceuticals can propose the best strategy for the project to meet specific needs.

    Oncolytic viruses have been used for treatment in clinical trials, and an oncolytic virus product T-VEC has been approved by the FDA. Oncolytic virus therapy has been recognized as a promising and effective cancer treatment method. Compared with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, it is easier to destroy tumor cells.

    Oncolytic viruses (OV) are a group of tumor-killing viruses with replication ability that can effectively multiply in cancer cells without damaging healthy cells. According to development, oncolytic viruses can be divided into two categories, namely natural viruses and genetically modified viruses. Among them, natural viruses include broad and natural variants of weak viruses. The main advantage of oncolytic viruses is that they can quickly produce virus particles and genetically engineer other genes to enhance anti-tumor immunity, increase tumor cell sensitivity and improve patient safety. Oncolytic virus services provided by Baseceuticals include oncolytic virus construction, oncolytic virus engineering, oncolytic virus verification, and development of disease-specific oncolytic virus therapy.

    Highlights of Oncolytic Virus Service in Baseceuticals:

    1. Years of rich experience in oncolytic virus services
      2. Leading equipment and first-class technology
      3. Fast turnaround time and reliable results
      4. A variety of oncolytic viruses are available
      5. Reasonable price and quality service
      6. Customize services to meet specific requirements through feasible suggestions

    “Baseceuticals provides high-quality oncolytic virus services, our technical research team specializes in efficient systems and procedures in projects related to oncolytic viruses,” said Marcia Brady, she also claimed, “Our oncolytic virus service starts with free communication and then feasible suggestions to meet your specific needs. We are confident to provide the best oncolytic virus service at an affordable price and reliable results.”

    About Baseceuticals

    With years of experience and advanced technologies, Baseceuticals provides worldwide customers with innovative products and services to greatly enhance the clinical application and drug launches. As a division of Creative Biogene, Baseceuticals has become a well-recognized industry leader to support scientists from research institutes, government, pharmaceutical companies, diagnosis industries and testing laboratories.