Alfa Chemistry Integrates Supply of Imidazolium Ionic Liquids f

  • Imidazolium ionic liquids are currently being extensively studied because of their huge potentials for a variety of applications. To meet researchers’ increasing needs for this type of chemicals, Alfa Chemistry recently announced to have integrated its supply of wide choices of imidazolium ionic liquids for clients across the globe.


    As a sub-type of ionic liquids, imidazolium ionic liquids have gained much attention among scientists and researchers. This is because they have tunable structure, relatively high ionic conductivity and amphoteric behavior in solution.

    Imidazolium ionic liquid has been explored as a recyclable and reusable reaction medium. They are viewed as potential water treatment agents and also used as green organic solvents. However, they not only act as a reaction medium but can also enhance the rate of reaction. In addition, they have become the best choice of materials for application in sensors and supercapacitors because of their electrochemical stability.

    Moreover, by uniquely combining different alkyl substituents, the properties of the imidazolium ionic liquid can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different kinds of applications.

    The pyrrolidinium ionic liquids provided by Alfa Chemistry can be can be categorized into four categories, that is, monosubstituted imidazolium ionic liquids, disubstituted imidazolium ionic liquids, trisubstituted imidazolium ionic liquids, and benzimidazole ionic liquids. Some of the products are: 1-Octyl-2,3-dimethylimidazolium chloride (CAS 1007398-58-4), 1-Allyl-3-vinylimidazolium bromide (CAS 1072788-73-8), 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate (CAS 143314-17-4), 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tosylate (CAS 410522-18-8), 1,3-dimethylimidazolium iodide (CAS 4333-62-4), etc.

    All products at Alfa Chemistry are strictly QC assessed so that high quality is guaranteed. Technique documents such as COA are also provided. For more information about imidazolium ionic liquids at Alfa Chemistry, please visit the website:

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