Creative Proteomics Pronalyse Anounces PEGylated Protein Identi

  • Pronalyse is a new division of Creative Proteomics, which is an integrated CRO company with rich experience in providing drug development service for over 10 years. With years of experience in offering professional and high-quality products for academic use and pharmaceutical industries, Creative Proteomics announces diversified PEGylated protein analysis technologies, which can solve important research and development problems in the quality control and pharmacokinetic research of biotechnology drugs.


    PEGylated protein has the unique advantage of extending the half-life of protein drugs, and has a significant impact on the biological activity of protein drugs in the body. Therefore, it plays a key role in improving the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic properties of protein drugs. Therefore, the identification of PEGylated proteins is a key step in biotechnology drug quality control and pharmacokinetic research.


    Creative Proteomics has diversified PEGylated protein analysis technologies, which can solve important research and development issues in the quality control and pharmacokinetic research of biotechnology drugs. The identification and analysis of polyethylene glycol modified protein is one of the important components of protein drug quality control and biosafety analysis. In particular, the ICH Q6B guidelines require information on the identification and analysis of PEGylated proteins used in protein drugs. Creative Proteomics will provide you with PEGylated protein identification and analysis services based on ICH guidelines (especially ICH Q6B) and US FDA issues.


    Creative Proteomics uses ESI Q-TOF mass spectrometry, liquid-mass spectrometry and capillary electrophoresis technology to effectively and accurately identify and analyze PEGylated proteins. The company provides the following two PEGylated protein identification analysis methods:


    1. ESI Q-TOF mass spectrometry analysis
    2. LC/MS and capillary electrophoresis technology


    “Creative Proteomics has professional protein drug research and development experts, especially in the field of PEGylated protein related analysis, and can provide you with high-quality experimental analysis reports, including comprehensive and accurate experimental design plans and related PEGylated protein mass spectrometry. Analysis results and other experimental reports. We are committed to solving technical problems related to proteomics for you to accelerate the marketization of protein function research and applications.” Said senior scientist of Creative Proteomics.


    About Pronalyse division of Creative Proteomics


    Pronalyse is supported by specialists who are professional and skilled in protein chemistry, NMR, HPLC, mass spectrometry and bioinformatics. Currently, Pronalyse is dedicated to providing protein-oriented analysis service to support manufacturers and researchers in biopharmaceutical development, mainly including antibodies, PEGylated proteins, peptide and protein drugs, vaccines, amino acids and their derivatives. The service provided contains in vitro characterization, purity analysis, protein structure modification, in vivo safety check, and pharmacokinetics analysis, etc.